Recovering Investment Losses for GPB Capital Holdings

If you previously invested in GPB Capital Holdings and GPB’s individual limited partnerships, you may be entitled to recovery of any associated losses.

In May 2020, the state of Massachusetts Securities Division filed an enforcement action against GPB which alleges that the holdings companies were a part of an elaborate Ponzi scheme. Read on to learn more about the complaints against GPB Capital Holdings and what steps you can take to recover your investment losses in full.

Complaints Against GPB Capital Holdings

GPB Capital Holdings has been accused of operating a $1.8-billion Ponzi scheme.

Here’s how it worked: GPB would partner with independent stockbrokers and brokerage firms. The firms and brokers would then sell private partnerships to wealthy investors, and when they did, they would generate massive commissions of 8% or higher.

GPB Capital Holdings would then pay investor dividends with the funds generated not by the profits of the private partnerships (which didn’t even exist, in many cases), but with funds earned by bringing on new investors.

How to Recover Your Investment Losses

There are a few different options that investors may have if they have suffered losses due to the GPB Capital Holdings Ponzi scheme. You may be able to enter into the class action lawsuit against GPB Capital Holdings, depending on the circumstances of your case.

You may also have the opportunity to initiate a FINRA arbitration complaint against your stockbroker.

Your investment loss lawyer can advise you accordingly after reviewing the details of your case.

Contact a Respected FINRA Lawyer

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Attorney Matthew Wolper

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