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Financial Advisor Kenneth Luccioni (Triad Advisors, LLC) Customer Complaints

Kenneth Luccioni (CRD#: 719779) is a previously registered Broker at Triad Advisors, Inc. Broker’s Background He entered the securities industry in 1980 and previously worked for Triad Advisors, Inc.; London Pacific Advisors; Royal Alliance Associates, Inc.; Keogler, Morgan & Company, Inc.; Derand/Pennington/Bass, Inc.; Mesa Securities Corporation; and First Investors Corporation. Current And Past Allegations Of […]

Financial Advisor Darrin Cohen (Triad Advisors, LLC) Customer Complaints

Darrin Cohen (CRD#: 2488435) is a dually registered Broker and Investment Advisor at Triad Advisors LLC in Alpharetta, GA. He entered the securities industry in 1994 and previously worked for Kovack Securities, Inc.; Resource Horizons Investment Advisory, Inc.; Resource Horizons Group, LLC; OneAmerica Securities, Inc.; Mony Securities Corporation; Waddell & Reed, Inc.; The Advisors Group, […]

Financial Advisor Mark Just (Triad Advisors, LLC) Customer Complaints

Mark Just (CRD#: 1138738) has been a registered broker with Triad Investors, LLC since 2004; he is also an investment adviser with The Just Company since 1991. According to publicly available records released by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), on August 26, 2020, a customer dispute was filed against Mark Just for unsuitable alternative […]

Financial Advisor Lee Duckworth (Triad Advisors, LLC) Customer Complaints

Lee Duckworth (CRD # 2097591) is a Financial Advisor at Triad Advisors LLC in West Warwick, RI. Lee Duckworth has been in the securities industry since 1991 and previously worked at Steele Capital Management, Inc., NFP Securities, Inc., Robert W. Baird & Co. Incorporated, and Northwestern Mutual Investment Services, LLC. As previously reported on this […]