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Investment losses are not uncommon and, unfortunately, neither is stockbroker misconduct and negligence. If your broker or financial advisor has wronged you and you lost considerable money, you can initiate a complaint with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and request a hearing that could result in your being repaid for your losses. FINRA is an organization overseen by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that regulates stockbrokers.

If you are feeling intimidated or overwhelmed at the thought of seeking financial recovery through legal channels, you aren’t alone. But it can help to relieve your anxiety to know that our reputable stock market loss lawyers at Wolper Law Firm, P.A. will be by your side every step of the way. We will work hard in trying to maximize a recovery for you. We have helped numerous victims of unscrupulous brokers get their money back. Our reputable stock loss lawyers have a strong record of recovering money in over 99% of cases. Call our law firm at 800.931.8452 to schedule a free consultation.

Stock market losses can have a significant impact on your financial well-being. If your losses were caused by the negligence or irresponsible conduct of your broker or financial advisor, you may be entitled to full restitution.

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You should not accept a large stock market loss as simply a risk of investing. If you believe the actions or inactions of your broker contributed to your loss, you have the right to seek recovery of your money. Our respected stock loss lawyers have the securities industry experience necessary to help you. Prior to establishing Wolper Law Firm, P.A. to fight for investors who lost their retirement savings and other money to unethical brokers, Matt Wolper spent years defending the brokers/brokerage firms that he now takes on in arbitration and in court. This depth of experience on both sides of the industry allows him intricate knowledge into how negligence and misconduct occur and the evidence that is needed to prove it.

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How Do Stock Losses Occur?

It is normal for the stock market to fluctuate, and when that happens, losses are not uncommon. What is not acceptable are losses caused by fraud, misconduct or carelessness. It is more common than you might think for financial advisors to prioritize their own financial interests over those of their clients. There are several different ways that this can occur. Some of the more common ways that brokers commit misconduct is by:

  • Intentionally or negligently misrepresenting facts or omitting pertinent information about investments
  • Recommending investments that are not suited to a person’s needs, goals, or risk tolerance
  • Trading excessively in a client’s account, which is known as churning, in order to generate commissions
  • Making unauthorized trades in non-discretionary accounts
  • Embezzling money from customers’ accounts
  • Not adequately diversifying clients’ portfolios
  • Engaging in Ponzi schemes
  • Selling away, which is when brokers sell stocks and other securities not approved or offered by their own firms
  • Being lazy, careless, and negligent in advising clients about investments or not doing due diligence in screening investment opportunities before offering them.

Additionally, the brokerage firms that employ brokers can be held liable for failing to supervise brokers who commit fraud or negligence. These are just a sampling of the different ways that financial advisors can wrong innocent investors. If your stock losses were caused by any of these types of misconduct, or other dishonest behavior, you may be able to recover your losses in FINRA arbitration.

Learn about filing a FINRA arbitration claim by contacting our stock loss lawyers. We handle arbitration cases for clients nationwide.

What Happens in FINRA Arbitration?

FINRA arbitration is designed to help investors who have lost a significant amount of money due to the negligence or misconduct of their financial advisor, stockbroker, or brokerage firm. FINRA arbitration is often a good option for those who hope to recover their losses in a timely manner, as most FINRA arbitration claims can be resolved in as little as 18 months. You can file a claim for arbitration with FINRA or our attorney can handle the filing process for you.

In your arbitration hearing you will have the opportunity to plead your case, and your broker will have to explain their reasoning for making the investment recommendations that caused your losses. If the arbitrators determine that misconduct occurred, they can order your stockbroker to compensate you accordingly. The broker will then have 30 days to compensate you following receipt of the written award decision.

It is important to note that arbitration decisions are binding and cannot be appealed. This means that if the arbitrators determined you were not taken advantage of by your broker, you cannot appeal their decision. However, due to the fact that arbitration can often be resolved more quickly than going to court, it is often seen as a more attractive option. There is a six-year statute of limitations from the time the misconduct occurred that caused the stock market loss to go to FINRA arbitration. You should review your account statements regularly, and if you notice losses and irregularities, contact one of our attorneys right away so you do not miss this filing deadline.

FINRA Mediation

Another possible option for resolving your dispute and arriving at a settlement is through FINRA mediation. Mediation uses a neutral third party to try and help the parties reach agreement. Mediation is voluntary, however, so both sides must be willing to try and resolve the dispute in this way. If mediation is a possibility in your matter, our attorneys can represent you during this dispute resolution process.

Can You Sue for a Stock Market Loss?

The answer to this question is “maybe.” The majority of brokerage firms have clauses in their agreements with clients that limit investors to arbitration in case of dispute. If your brokerage documentation does not contain such a clause, you may be able to sue the broker and/or brokerage firm in civil court. If you discover that your dishonest broker is unlicensed, you may need to go to sue in court to have a chance of recovering your money.

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What Can I Do if I Suspect that Broker Misconduct or Negligence Has Cost Me Money?

If you have sustained large losses on the stock market that are unexplained, contact an attorney to review your statements. It is also a good idea to begin putting together an evidence file that will help your attorney hold the negligent or dishonest broker accountable. Here are some items to include in the file:

  • The name of your broker, their firm name, their contact information, and license number
  • Copies of statements from your investment accounts
  • Copies of any emails or other written communications you have between you and your broker or brokerage firm
  • If you complained to FINRA or the SEC or other regulatory agencies about your broker, include copies of those complaints and any feedback you may have had from regulators
  • Notes about conversations with your investment advisor that include the date and time
  • A timeline that describes when you opened your brokerage account and all interactions and transactions since that time.

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If you have lost money on the stock market and you believe it was because of misconduct or negligence by a broker, we may be able to recoup your money through FINRA arbitration, a settlement in mediation, or a lawsuit. To learn about your options for recovery from an investment loss lawyer at Wolper Law Firm, P.A., contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

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