What Kinds of Investment Losses Can Be Recovered?

Investors lose money on the stock market and through poor investments every day. But when these losses are caused by the negligent or gross misconduct of your stockbroker, filing a FINRA arbitration claim may be the best way to get your money back. Continue reading to learn more about the most common types of investment and stock losses that can be recovered if you choose to pursue such a claim.

Unsuitable Investments

Unsuitable investments are those that do not align with the investor’s objectives and goals as discussed in their investment portfolio. For example, if an elderly woman obtained a life insurance settlement after her husband passed away and her broker then took her money and invested it without her approval in an annuity or other high-risk investment, this could be a violation of FINRA suitability requirements.


Also known as excessive trading, churning happens when a stockbroker who has the authority to make transactions without consulting the investor first can generate significant commissions for themselves and their firm when executing excessive, needless, and unsuitable transactions in the investor’s accounts.

Generally, this can be prevented by requiring your broker to discuss any transactions with you and not giving them discretionary authority.

Unauthorized Trading

Unless a stockbroker has been granted discretionary authority, every transaction through your accounts needs to be approved by you before it can go through. However, that doesn’t stop crooked brokers from engaging in unauthorized transactions in the hopes of earning higher commissions for themselves, without regard for how it might impact your investment accounts in the long run.

Get Help from an Investment Loss Attorney

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