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Investor fraud is becoming increasingly common with the financial markets going through a period of volatility. This means that many ideas that worked a couple of years ago are no longer doing well, and you are down in your positions. You want to talk to financial professionals about these issues, but they are in a meeting, unavailable, or unable to take your call.

You want to find out what is happening and need to speak to them. This makes you nervous about things and it causes stress. You don’t know what to do or who you can turn to for help.

We all rely on the knowledge and expertise of stockbrokers or financial advisers to help us. The markets are complicated, and you need someone that will guide you in reaching your financial goals.

You don’t know if your broker, financial adviser, or firm is responsible for these situations. You assume they are trying their best, but these assets will go up and down. In situations like this, an experienced investment lawyer will help you to understand what is happening.

Situations like this are not uncommon, and investor fraud becoming a big problem. Last year, regulators handled 760 fraud cases and recovered over $6.4 billion in penalties and relief. This shows the extent of investor fraud and that you are not alone.

Contact the Wolper Law Firm to speak with an investor fraud attorney now at 954.406.1231 / 800.931.8452. We offer a free consultation where you can discuss your situation and we will tell you what options are available. Investor fraud is illegal, and you have rights. Contact us now to get the help you need to deal with these situations.

Why Choose Us?

The Wolper Law Firm was started to help investors like you. We understand that you work hard for your money and want to make it grow. You have rights, and we will hold the fraudsters accountable.

We have decades of experience working in securities and trial law. Our team applies this knowledge to help you to create successful outcomes. We have a 99% success rate and will help you to sue for investment fraud. Our track record speaks for itself.

You will get better personal attention from an investor fraud lawyer that listens. We believe that listening is one of the most critical factors in helping to show what happened. The better we understand everything, the more effective we will be in looking out for you.

We return voicemail messages, emails, and all communications promptly. You will always be in the loop and know what is happening. Our personal attention is one of the factors that contribute to our 99% success rate.

Contact the Wolper Law Firm at 954.406.1231 / 800.931.8452 to speak with one of our investor fraud attorneys. We will put our knowledge and experience to work for you. Our free consultation is your chance to see what you can do and how we can help you. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn about your options.

How We Can Help

The Wolper Law Firm looks at your situation objectively and tells you if there is malfeasance or wrongdoing. Sure, the markets will go up and down. But there are more things to it than just the volatility of the investments and financial markets. A few of the factors that matter when making any recommendation are:

  • Your age
  • Net worth
  • Risk tolerance
  • Comfort level
  • Income
  • Time horizons
  • Overall investment goals, such as retirement.

Your broker or financial adviser must consider all of these factors to ensure that any investment is suitable for you.

Your broker or financial adviser could have incentives that lead to more risky recommendations (such as high commission and fees). You don’t know about these risks and assume this is another ground-floor opportunity. Later on, you find out how risky these investments can become when market volatility increases.

Our team of investment lawyers analyze what is happening. We are trained professionals in the financial industry and can determine if your broker or financial adviser followed all the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s (FINRA) rules. FINRA is the regulator that oversees the financial industry.

If your broker or adviser did not do everything correctly when making recommendations to you, we will hold them and their firm responsible. You could be entitled to compensation for your losses due to their unsuitable recommendations and breach of fiduciary duty. Contact the Wolper Law Firm today at 954.406.1231 / 855.453.8615 to get your free consultation.

The Most Common Signs of Investor Fraud

Investor fraud takes on many different forms depending on what is hot and getting the most attention. These are the areas fraudsters will target to lure in unsuspecting investors. You will see many different signs of investor fraud in these situations, including:

  • Promises of high returns: Anyone that tells you they can get you consistent returns of 12% or more a year is not being honest. The higher returns require taking on greater amounts of risk. These returns don’t last forever, and things change with shifts in the markets and the economy. Fraudsters promise high returns to appeal to your greed. They will tell you that these returns can be generated consistently.
  • No risk: Fraudsters try to make you feel better by telling you that this opportunity has no risk. They will state that you are guaranteed not to lose any money. Regulators ban financial professionals from saying that something is guaranteed.
  • Lack of communication: Once you are involved, you will have trouble getting in touch with your financial adviser. They will never call you back, answer the phone, return emails, or communicate with you about what is going on.
  • Don’t talk about the strategy in detail: All legal investments are required to give you full disclosure of the business practices of the company. Fraudsters can’t give you anything like this because nothing is real. Their investment strategy is a secret that only they know about. This secret strategy is how they are producing high returns. Be wary in those situations when you won’t get any information on the investment, and everything is a big secret.
  • Must act now: Fraudsters will tell you that the investment opportunity won’t last and that you must act now. This is to create a sense of urgency so you will make an emotional decision. The fraudsters don’t want you to check anything out or think about it. You must commit immediately to get in on this great opportunity. These claims are designed to get you to act now.
  • Doesn’t want you to ask questions: Questions are one of the worst things for those pushing an investment fraud and something fraudsters want to avoid. They will use tactics to dodge your questions and respond back by saying, “You do want to make money and take advantage of this great opportunity, right?” This tactic is designed to dodge your questions and get you back on point.
  • The investment doesn’t have to be registered: The fraudsters will tell you the investment doesn’t need to be registered. They will state that this is a secret, ground-floor opportunity that no one really knows about. Once it becomes well known, you will see it qualifies to become a publicly traded company. This is used to explain why the investment is not registered.
  • Confidential information: Fraudsters will tell you that their strategies are confidential. This is designed to prevent you from asking too many questions or demanding more information. They will state that the strategy is too technical to explain in simple terms. All investments must have a prospectus and give you accurate information. None of this information is confidential. The fraudsters use this tactic to avoid lengthy discussions about what is happening with their investments.

Contact the Wolper Law Firm now at 954.406.1231 / 800.931.8452 if you feel you are the victim of investor fraud. You will speak with a knowledgeable and experienced investor fraud attorney who can help you. We have a 99% success rate for our clients.

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Investor fraud is something that is becoming increasingly common, and you must be vigilant. The most effective way is to contact the investor fraud attorneys at the Wolper Law Firm. Our team has decades of experience working in trial and securities law. We will put our knowledge and expertise to work for you. Our track record speaks for itself with our 99% success rate.

Contact us now at 954.406.1231 / 800.931.8452 to schedule your free consultation with one of our investor fraud lawyers. We will look at your case and explain your different options. You have rights, and investor fraud can’t be overlooked. Get the help you need and put our team to work for you.

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Attorney Matthew WolperMatt Wolper is a trial lawyer who focuses exclusively on securities litigation and arbitration. Mr. Wolper has handled hundreds of securities matters nationwide before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), American Arbitration Association (“AAA”), JAMS, and in state and federal court. Mr. Wolper has handled and tried cases involving complex financial products and strategies ranging from traditional stocks and bonds to options, margin and other securities-based lending products, closed/open-end mutual funds, structured products, hedge funds, and penny stocks. [Attorney Bio]