Kovack Securities, Inc. Fraud and/or Investment Loss Customer Complaint Disclosures

Kovack Securities, Inc.: (CRD#:44848/SEC#: 8-50847)

This firm’s head office is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Other names this firm uses are:

  • Kovack Securities Inc.
  • RK Advisors
  • RK Advisors, Inc.

They are licensed in 53 U.S. States and Territories and are owned by Kovack Financial LLC. Kovack Securities was approved by FINRA in 1998 and approved by NASDAQ in 2006. Ron Kovack owns 55 percent of the firm and Brian Kovack owns 45 percent.

Kovack International Advisors Inc., Kovack International Securities Inc. and Kovack Advisors, Inc., are under common control with the firm.

Kovack Securities Financial Advisor, Andrew Scheirer, Has Pending Customer Complaint For The Alleged Improper Sale Of Alternative Investments

By mwolper | Nov 11, 2018

The Wolper Law Firm is currently investigating claims against Andrew Scheirer, a Financial Advisor at Kovack Securities in Lake Mary, Florida. Andrew Scheirer has been in the securities industry since 2000 and previously worked at First Allied Securities before being terminated. According to publicly available records released by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), on […] Read More →

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