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Unfortunately, fraud and negligence in the financial industry are far too common. Their combined effects result in billions of dollars of investor losses every year. But investors who lose money to unscrupulous firms and financial professionals have options for getting their money back. If you’ve suffered significant investment losses due to misconduct, you may be able to recover your money with the help of a legal firm that focuses in the financial industry and has a 99% recovery rate for wronged investors.

We stand up for the rights of investors by holding investment firms and banks accountable for their clients’ investment losses. Millions Recovered On Behalf Of Aggrieved Investors

We understand what you are going through when you have placed your trust in your broker or financial firm and it has been abused. Not only are you out a lot of money, but you probably feel angry and confused—and unsure what your rights are and how to even go about taking on a bank or broker in this highly complex industry. Our attorneys know how the industry operates and can guide you through every step in the recovery process.

The Wolper Law Firm, P.A. puts those on Main Street and those on Wall Street on even ground. We bring a focused and trial-tested approach to each stockbroker fraud, investment loss, elder financial abuse, and negligence case designed to identify and expose misconduct and hold brokerage firms and financial advisors accountable for clients’ investment losses start your consultation now